Booking Lessons

All bookings are made on a first come first serve basis. We are able to take bookings at any time throughout the term however, start dates are limited to the start of term and at half term. If spaces are not available at present then we will contact you and try to arrange alternatives.

All bookings are made on a full term basis.

To reserve a place or to discuss which class would be best for you or your child please call. Discounts are available for families with swimmers swimming 3+ times per week and also for school staff. Discounts are only applicable during term time. Discounts are not available for crash courses, diving courses or special clinics

Payment can be by internet BACS, cheque or cash. Cheques should be made out to ‘Aquademy swimming’ and given to the Principal Instructor on poolside or sent to Deborah Vine, Aquademy swimming, 88 Wilmot Way, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 2QD.


Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds except in exceptional cases due to surgical operations/broken limbs

N.B An administration fee will be incurred.

Existing Bookings

Priority is given to existing customers who will receive invoices in the last few weeks of each term. Full payment must be received by the last day of the prior term to guarantee swim classes. If payment is not received and you have not notified us that you wish to continue, then unfortunately you may lose your place.

Missed Lessons

We are unable to provide make up lessons following absence for illness, holiday or other reasons. Our costs are incurred whether or not you attend. It is our experience that make-up lessons are disruptive to the normal running of established classes often leading to complaints. In exceptional circumstances where swimmers cannot swim for half a term, or more, due to surgical operations/broken limbs please discuss this with the Principal Instructors.

Cancelled Lessons

Classes cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control e.g due to snow, pool closures following incidents, water quality etc. are accounted for and reflected in our term fees. Our costs are incurred regardless and primarily due to restrictions on pool booking we cannot offer make up sessions


Assessments using ASA NPTS 2007 &/or Aquademy Swimming Challenges (for our senior swimmers) are conducted every term. A badge and/or certificate may be awarded only where regular attendance has been recorded, and is included within the term fee.

Upgrading classes

Swimmers are usually assessed by achievement rather than age; exceptionally other issues may determine a swimmers’ suitability within a class. Swimmers, their parents and guardians should note that progression is often in sudden spurts rather than steady improvement. All Swim Instructors are happy to discuss a swimmers progress, however we would ask that this is brief and at the end of a lesson so as not to eat into others lesson time. You may always telephone the office out of lesson times.

Photography & Mobile Phones

Aquademy swimming complies with the ASA Child Welfare policy, ‘Wave Power 2012/15’. If you wish to photograph/film your child during their swimming lesson please speak to the Principal Instructor.