Aquademy Swimming

We run a range of courses for swimmers catering for all ages and abilities. Where they start and how they progress depends on an initial assessment which provides sound basis for the development of their confidence and skill in the water. More information on the beginner courses is available below


Adult and Child


A swimming course for children age from 18 months to 4 years accompanied by an adult. The emphasis is on gaining water confidence whilst working with the adult. Fun and enjoyment are the priority. This stage takes children from initial introduction to water right through to achieving independence. Some children may progress from this stage to beginner level

These courses are ideal for children from 1½ to 3½ years

8 Children per class


Non-Swimmer 1 and Non-Swimmer 2


Children are assisted in the water by the Teacher and a Helper. Encouraging fun, safety and helping swimmers feel comfortable in water. Children with water experience or confidence may move through this level quickly.


  • Floating on front and back
  • Entering the water independently
  • Introduction to flutter kicking on front and back
  • Safety awareness
  • Basic movement skills
  • Using arms and legs for simple form of travelling through water
  • Submerging

These courses are ideal for children 3½ and older.

6 children per class



Children who can independantly travel 10+ metres in deep water both on front and back showing an overa arm action and are learning all kicking techniques.


  • Jumping and early stage Diving
  • Submersion, Floating and Somersaults
  • Rotation skills
  • Water safety knowledge
  • All Competitive strokes

These courses are ideal for children of all ages

6 Children per class



This course is ideal for children who can Swim 20+ metres improving on their Frontcrawl and Backcrawl whilst performing lengths. They can perform the correct Breaststroke and Butterfly leg actions and are gaining in strength to perform the full stroke.


  • Diving
  • Advanced Submersion
  • Rotation skills and Streamlining
  • Water safety knowledge

Suitable for children of all ages

6-8 Children per class




This course focuses on stroke refinement on all strokes as well as learning to co-ordinate the breathing.


  • Developing effective swimming skills
  • Develop 'watermanship'
  • Sculling
  • Treading water skills
  • Complete rotation
  • Performing all strokes to an ASA given standard
  • Co-ordinated breathing
  • Water safety aspects
  • Understanding preparation for exercise

Suitable for all children at the appropriate skill level

6-8 Children per class - lane swimming